November Contest - And the Winner Is...

November Contest - And the Winner Is...
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Todd Palamar wins iPi Soft's November Contest.

Armed with a single connect and the trial version of iPi Soft's standard motion capture license, I captured myself performing the motions of the "giant wolf beast". The final scene, is from a production I am currently working on called Intergalactic Wrangler. Wrangler was actual started more than 15 years ago while I was teaching. Originally the entire production was to be all computer generated. However, the required amount of computer power made this impossible. Fast forward, I am now shooting small segments of it in my backyard. iPi Soft has made completing these segments a breeze. Back in the day, we needed a complex rig and days to animate a creature like this. Now I can capture motion and be rendering a final animation in 24 hours. The motion capture was transferred to Maya for secondary motion and rendering. The finished piece was composited in Nuke. I used two separate motion capture sessions and blended them together for the final result. Here is the official link to my contest entry

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